Crafting their Image: Parliament the Boutique

Online Reputation Management is an essential part to any digital media campaign. What people see when they first search a business can determine the relationship the potential consumer will have with that business in the future. Local Businesses are especially vulnerable to being hurt by a mismanaged image online, as their overall brand is not as known in the general market place. In order to not fall victim to negative reviews and unflattering content above the fold on any search engines, local businesses must be proactive in creating an online presence that is synonymous with the organization’s brand and mission.  There are different strategies that can be employed to ensure that what a potential customer sees is what the business wants them to see.  Parliament the Boutique, a downtown handmade arts shop is one of the many businesses who utilized easy steps to having a well maintained and basic web presence.

What is Seen Above the Fold   

One of Parliament’s greatest assets in ORM is having a well maintained website that is well optimized to many key search words. Because of this only content that the business itself creates and pushes out is seen first. From looking at the first six search results, we know that Parliament has a website and a blog that produces enough content to balance out any third party data that could be generated.  parliament-above-the-fold

The other asset to their ORM status is a well maintained social media platform. To be known online as a small business it is essential that as much content can be created in as many platforms as possible. But it isn’t just enough to create the platform, the business must constantly be updated and managing content that aligns with their brand. It is obvious that Parliament is a new small business, because they only have a one social media account that has enough content being generated on it to make it above the fold. It is always better to do less, as it will still have a greater effect on search engine optimization than having too many platforms with no content being pushed out. This is essential to being known the way you want to be seen.

Online Reviews  

Third party data is an inevitable part of having an online presence that must be managed with the greatest caution. A well intended business can think they are managing their online presence by answering every single negative review, yet the content that is generated has a greater chance to outweigh the business’s content the more an owner engages in online debates.

Looking at Parliament’s Google reviews, it is evident that there is little worry in how their business is portrayed by the consumer. The most exemplary part of their process is how they manage content created by consumer that is contrary to the image they want to portray or just incorrect information.


In Parliament’s most recent review it is evident that the consumer didn’t not at all visit that shop, rather a bar in Grand Rapids that might have a similar name. The owner’s response to this  confusing review is , first, appreciative of a positive review, next corrects false information in a positive and light way, and give details that promotes the business itself. Though the response is on the longer side, it is evident that the owner knew what message they wanted to portray and did it in such a way that could create additional positive consumer reactions from reading the response. This is a success in ORM.

Know your Message  

The most important aspect of online reputation management is being consistent in what you stand for and create and online presence that is reflective of that. This is not an easy task that can take a lot more work that what one may want to engage in, but is imperative for local businesses to manage consumers and their content expertly in order to have the best content be seen in online searches. Parliament proves that ORM does not have to be a complicated process. Rather it has to be intentional and transparent. This is not an effort that can be accomplished overnight. It takes constant audits, online awareness, and content management over a consistent period of time to have an effect.

If you are a local business owner and need more help learning about ORM, this article gives great advise and basic steps to put into practice what this local business did.



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