Exploring SEO Through Review : How Books and Mortar Does it Right

Books and Mortar , a local Grand Rapids books store, is notable for their unique stock of books, games, and gifts, but also their approach to digital marketing and in particular search engine optimization. Though their website is relatively new, most pages are text heavy ,and their aren’t many tags, it is always easy to find this shop’s website.

For a local business, having a successful website can be difficult, as there is often little funds for web development, internet advertising, and graphic design. Small businesses can choose from many different areas to ensure a successful customer experience:

-Website Capabilities

-Content and Content Marketing

-On Page

-Local SEO

-Authority Building


There are a few tips and tricks Books and Mortar employs to have successful Local SEO, as well as build credibility and have a successful website. Below are a few examples of how Books and Mortar gained credibility while affecting their SEO positively.

Making your Location Known 

The first strategy that is notable for this website is successfully linking their social media,email, and location to the homepage in tagged or anchored positions. As you see below the design emphasizes the location of “Grand Rapids, MI” and their address multiple times on the homepage, as well as mentioning it in each indexed page the website has.


Noting your location many times is important for search engines algorithms to notice. This will increase location based searches with key words relating to your business, as well as increase the likelihood of search engines being ensured of one’s website credibility. When searching “bookstore grand rapids, mi”, Books and Mortar are mentioned in the first page, an ideal location for any small business to be.

Increasing Consumer Trust

A unique way that Books and Mortar encouraged consumer trust through their website is by having many pages that establish their brand story and give consumers an understanding of who they are and what they should expect. This invitation to trust begins on their home page where they begin by listing key words of who they are. This is a clear way for consumers to fully understand the brand, as well as stimulating keywords for search engines to pick up on increasing traffic to the website.


For those who want to further understand the brand has the opportunity to do so, by clicking the “Read More” button, being taken to another page, where they go more in depth on beliefs, what consumers can expect and how to further participate with  their brand.

Social Media and Blogs

Beyond the content marketing utilized to build credibility, Books and Mortar use other simple strategies to encourage more traffic to their site. Beyond having a blog that links back to their website, Books and Mortar also utilizing linking their social media to their website. There are many social media buttons on the home page, as well as on the footer of their website. This makes it easy for consumers to learn more about their brand, while increasing their likelihood of being found online.

Now it is worth discussing Books and Mortar’s blog, as it does wonders to establish high traffic and conversions.

This  free strategy that Books and Mortar utilizes  links back to their website. This helps a business communicate more of what they are about, while utilizing links and tags to increase the click-throughs to different pages on their website.  This can be replicated for any business, and can help increase traffic back to your site more so than your indexes on the website.

On Page Optimization 

Now Let’s talk about an SEO strategy this local business lacks, but can develop in order to increase their traffic to their website even more. On Page Optimization is when a business or e-retailer uses specific strategies on the website it self to boost their search rankings. There are many strategies that can be found, but we are only going to focus on a couple key strategies to help anyone who is starting out like Books and Mortar.

The first strategy one can employ is leveraging urls that are on title and have keywords. Avoid long and ugly urls that are hard for a user to type or use. The longer the url, the less likely a search algorithm will pick it up. Keeping a url short and using key words has the opposite effect and allows search engines to know what the website is about and categorize it accordingly.

After trying this simple strategy another simple step in website design is to ensure that your titles are tagged and have modifiers. An example of this would be the title of this blog “Exploring SEO Through Review : How Books and Mortar Does it Right”. The tag for this blog is “Exploring SEO Through Review”, followed by other keywords that allow the search engine to know how to respond to it, this then is translated into a short url, compounding the power of the on page strategy. After your title is tagged, using a modifier or two can help strengthen the search-ability of the title more so.  Modifiers are commonly searched key words like Review or Best or 2018. These give even more specific information for the search algorithms to pick up.

It is clear from these examples on page optimization is simply a game of understanding how search engine algorithms function to give ratings and how your website can be the most responsive to these algorithms. Another simple strategy a small business can work towards is how their website functions overall. The speed of a website is just as important as what is on it. The more bulky web atmospherics that is loaded on a website, the slower than website may load. This is a simple fix by simplifying what is on the website and finding a hosting site that can handle the load. If you require to have a lot of content that is photo heavy, you may want to decide to host your own website and design it to be faster than what a free hosting site can offer.  These are all options that must be considered in order to give your website the best chance from the beginning. Overall, on page optimization takes time to be successful. Each little strategy employed pays off and your website will see even more traffic and conversions. Books and Mortar is a great example of what a local business can do when first starting out.

There are many strategies not mentioned that local  businesses can utilize to be as successful and grow their business online. This video gives an overview of all strategies and many options for a variety of local businesses to help draw potential customers to your site.

Overall, if you build a website that is cognizant of your brand and tells people what you are about, as well as other places you can be found, search optimization can come with little financial investment. Advancing your social media and linking outside information to your site also creates desired results. In the end, the most important aspect of SEO is building consumer trust so the search algorithm knows you are a trusted brand. If this is done first, the rest should fall into place.





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